jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

Valentine's Day

I´d like to apologize for forgetting it was Valentine's Day and not having this topic yesterday, but to tell you the truth, this was something that I had been wanting to discuss and I was waiting for the right moment. Better late than never.
We´ll also change the format this week. Instead of an article we´ll have a podcast and a survey to fill out.  

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Here the doctor is interviewed by two 20-somethings and he explains his theory.  The audio may not be perfect and the young guys speak in a very colloquial way.  They speak in a way that is pretty common for people their (my?) age in the U.S., so be sure to jot down any expressions that you may not fully understand and we can go over them in class.

Here is a survey from Dr. Chapman´s website.  Click on ¨Learn your Love Language¨ in the middle of the page.  You will have to give your email to get your results, but don´t worry- you won´t be bombarded with spam and it´s very easy to unsubscribe.

I think this will be a fun activity and conversation.  I hope you all are willing to share your results and reveal a bit about yourselves even if it isn´t Valentine´s Day.

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