miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Taller de inglés: Goal setting (Expanded)

Due to the fact that I sent out the article so late and did not give everyone enough time to read through it, I´ve decided to go ahead and talk about this topic the following week as well.
The article I sent out uses a lot of slang.  Please take notes notes on what you don´t understand and I´ll be happy to explain it in class.  As they say: to truly speak a language you must understand the slang.

Think of goal setting as different from New Years resolutions.  Resolutions are things that you want to change whereas goals are long term things you would like to achieve.  What are your long term goals?  Your 5 year plan?

Goal setting is also useful in the workplace.  I´ll leave you with this additional article.  Can any of you use some of the advice given in your place of employment?

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