jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

The effect of the economic crisis on youth; a lost generation?

-     Many young people express frustration at the “chronic mismanagement of the Spanish economy.” How has the recovery effort been managed?  Do you think Spain has made sacrifices that were necessary in the long run, or are they causing more damage than good?
-   How is Castilla y León situated economically within Spain?  Where are 20-somethings going to seek work?  Are they moving back home?
-   Have short term labor contracts always been a part of the Spanish economy? Are they a recent development?  When did people typically get their first job?
-   Are more Spaniards staying in school to wait out the economic crisis?  What are other solutions?
-   What do you think will happen to this generation of Spaniards, who have graduated recently but have yet to find work?
-   Do you think young people are more motivated now, or less?  What are they trying to study? What would you advise an 18 year old to do (or study)?  A 26 year old?
-   What sort of solutions might be available for Spain—on both a personal and national level?

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