viernes, 31 de enero de 2014


I'd like to continue with our discussion of idioms. With this in mind, I have two tasks for you (for those that have time).  

1. Find an english idiom (perhaps one that is new to you); try to find out what it means, and be prepared to explain it to everyone.  
2.  Read the following text by Richard Lederer (available at this link):

I find the text to be very funny.  It light-heartedly discusses the weird contradictions of the English language. If you have time to read the text beforehand, do so.  Make a note of anything you have questions about.  Together, we will then go through the article to understand its nuances.

I will also bring several idioms to share (I noticed several when I was watching an American movie the other day).  Feel free to bring any questions you have about idioms, or even a Spanish idiom or two (provided, of course, you can translate and explain it in English)! 

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