miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

2004 Bombings

- Describe what happened, and when; what was the public reaction in the days and months following the attacks?

- Because of the elections, there is a very close tie between the attacks and political actions.  Can you describe what happened with Aznar / the blaming of the Eta / the People's Party  after the attacks?

- How do Spanish people refer to the bombings?  In the United States, people say "9/11" almost universally, and, occasionally, "September 11th"  (because, yes, in the United States, that is how we write the date)

- Although many of the convicted were sentenced to tens of thousands of years in prison, they will serve 40 or less due to Spanish law, correct?  Why can you be sentenced for so much time and then released?  If these men do not die in prison, how do you feel about them being released?   What is the justification for having a law that allows people to go free after 40 years?  Is this the same for serial killers?

- Did these attacks change public opinion of Islam?  

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